Artificial Reef Program
Artificial reefs greatly increase fish habitat as well as provide recreational opportunities for divers and fishermen. The Palm Beach County Artificial Reef Program officially began with the sinking of a Rolls Royce in 1985. Palm Beach County's Department of Environmental Resources Management is responsible for administering the program, and since its inception, has scuttled 50 ships and barges in 37 artificial reefs and placed more than 201,000 tons of limestone boulders in 27 artificial reefs and 85,000 tons of concrete in 35 artificial reefs throughout the County. Artificial reefs have been placed within the Lake Worth Lagoon to provide nursery grounds for fish. New reefs are being deployed just outside each inlet to provide a “stepping stone” for juvenile fish emerging from the estuary. Reefs are located in shallow areas with depths from 6 to 20 feet, as well as offshore, and fishing reefs have been deployed in depths greater than 200 feet.

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Dive Sites
PBCRRT monitors a variety of dive sites. Artificial reefs include ships, ships with concrete and/or limerock boulders added and reefs composed of limerock boulders or concrete rubble. The Team also monitors natural reef sites, at times documenting damage to sites and their subsequent recovery.


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