Reef Darts – February 9, 2019

Water Temp: 69° F
Air Temp: 81° F
Max Depth: 114 ft.
Start Time: 9:05 pm
Dive Duration: 34 min.
Weather: Partly/mostly cloudy

Current: N @ .25 kts
Visibility: Horiz. 40 ft.; Vert. 45 ft.
Seas: 3-5 ft., choppy
Boat: Deep Obsession
Winds:  ENE @ 10-15 mph
Lat/Long: 26 47.65556 N / 80.00.1500 W

   The goal of this dive was to note the condition of the site, obtain fish counts and video benthics. This site was deployed in 2018 using funds from the Palm Beach Fishing Club who also sponsored the Team's dive. This reef is located east of Singer Island and is constructed from 36 concrete pillars on a concrete base standing upright in the water column. The site is concentrated in a small geographic area. During the dive approximately a dozen of these structures were noted to have been broken midway up the concrete pillar. Fishcounters noted a total of 48 species and 16 families using rove count methodology. There were over 100 Great Barracudas, Bar Jacks and Bluehead Wrasse on the site. Also noted were many Gray Snappers, several Midnight Parrotfishes and a Rainbow Parrotfish. Limited benthic growth was observed due to the relatively new deployment of the site.


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