MV Zion Train – June 7, 2014

Water Temp: 80° F
Air Temp: 88° F
Max Depth: 95 ft.
Start Time: 2:27 pm
Dive Duration: 36 min.
Weather: Sunny

Current: North @ 1.5 knots
Visibility: Horiz.50 ft.
Seas: 1 ft.
Boat: Little Deeper

 The MV Zion Train is a 164’ steel cargo ship built in 1962 in the Netherlands. It was first used to move cargo in Europe. In July 1997, while in port on the Miami River, five of nine crew members were shot and killed by “pirates”. Three months later, the ship ran aground off South Beach. Federal marshals later seized the ship for nonpayment of dockage fees. June 2nd, 2003 the ship was scuttled to become another part of Palm Beach County’s great artificial reef system. The goal of this dive was to observe any changes to the structure of the Zion Train, identify fish species and quantity, and video benthic growth. Hurricanes have taken their toll on this ship. The aft portion is all that is left of the wreck and it has settled into the substrate. It rests on its starboard side. There are many holes and hiding places for fish. The team was excited to see a Wrasse Basselet in the substrate the wreck has penetrated. A Yellowcheek Wrasse was also spotted on this site along with Scamp, Sand Tilefish, Goliath Grouper, and 3 Lemon Sharks. A 12” Lionfish was dispatched.

Brock's Rocks – June 7, 2014

Water Temp.: 82° F
Air Temp.: 88° F
Max Depth:  39 ft.
Start Time: 4:24 pm
Dive Duration: 50 minutes
Wind: NNE @ 6 MPH
Weather: Sunny

Current: N @ .75 knots
Visibility: Horiz. 40 ft.
Seas: 1 ft.
Boat: Little Deeper

  Brock’s Rocks is a favorite of the Team, as it always contains a lot of fish. Today was no different. We saw a Goliath Grouper, Stingray, over 1000 Scad including Big Eye and Southern Sennets, Blackear Wrasse, 1 Lionfish (10”), Stripped Croakers, and many others. This site continues to team with life and provides a great location for the various species of fish.


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