Riviera Beach Marina Reef – October 11, 2014

Water Temp: 84° F
Air Temp: 88° F
Max Depth: 46 ft.
Start Time: 8:43 am
Dive Duration: 60 min.
Weather: Sunny

Current: North @ 1 knot
Visibility: Horiz. 60 ft.; Vert. 60 ft.
Seas: 2 ft.
Boat: Deep Obsession
Winds:  E @ 10-15 MPH
Lat/Long: 26°45.03/80°02.59

   The goal of this dive was to obtain a GPS periphery of this site, map fish stations, do fish counts, and video benthics. This site is made up of materials from the old Riviera Beach Marina pilings and docks. It has been deployed in several stages beginning in 2011, with the most recent being 2,276 tons in February 2014 from the Flagler Bridge demolition. The Mapping Team dropped in on the numbers given to the captain and went east around the site. At one point, the captain noted that we were about 250’ east of the drop point. The Mapping Team made it half way around the site, meeting up with the rest of the team on the north end to surface. No fish stations were mapped. The site offered an amazing visual – looking like Atlantis destroyed, with all of the pilings and concrete spread over a large area. There was a noticeable amount of surge. Four Stingrays, one Nurse Shark cruised past to the east, and a lot of Triggerfish were noted by the Mapping Team. Another team of fish counters spotted four lobsters, a Blue Cornetfish and over 100 Southern Sennets. This was an amazing dive and all team members are excited to dive it again.

Rybovich – October 11, 2014

Water Temp.: 84° F
Air Temp.: 88° F
Max Depth:  30 ft.
Start Time: 10:28 am
Dive Duration: 33 minutes
Weather: Sunny

Current: N @ 1 knot
Visibility: Horiz. 15 ft.; Vert. 15 ft.
Seas: <1 ft.
Boat: Deep Obsession
Winds: S @ <.5 mph
Lat/Long: 26°44.960/80°02.593    

    The goal for this dive was to map the northern area of the site, obtain fish counts on the entire site and video benthics. This reef consists of a variety of materials: three concrete pyramids, several reef balls and two roof truss ledges with scattered limestone boulders. The material was deployed between 1991 and 2000. The Team was dropped on two separate points. The Mapping team to the north and the rest of the team further south. Due to time constraints (Steve Jobs’ boat “The Amaryllis” needed to move into the port) and poor visibility, the Mapping team did not make it to their objective area. They mapped the area currently on the north part of the mapped area. The Mapping team started on the concrete pad and GPS’d three corners of it. They moved off to the Jersey barriers and then drifted south to one of the pyramid modules. Fish noted on this dive were: a school of Snook, 2 Goliath Groupers, two huge Lionfish and Atlantic Spadefish. Even with the poor visibility and shortened dive time, the Team saw a large variety of fish and had a good dive.


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