Tri-County Reef – November 12, 2016

Water Temp: 77° F
Max Depth: 60 ft.
Start Time: 10:31 am
Dive Duration: 50 min.
Weather: Sunny
Wind: NNW @ 4.6 mph

Air Temp: 80° F
Current: N @ <.5 kts
Visibility: horiz. 35 ft.; vertical 35 ft.
Seas: <2 ft.
Boat: Little Deeper
Lat/Long: 26°45.8670/80°01.3131

   The main objectives for this dive were to obtain fish counts and video benthics.
    Tri-County consists of about 6,500 tons of concrete light poles, drainage culverts, and other concrete deployed in 1989, and includes the remains of the steel yacht TSO Paradise that was scuttled in July of 1997, on the south end of the site. This site is an amazing habitat for sea life, both fish and benthics. It has been noted that a diver could see over 14 different types of coral on a single piece of concrete, as well as more than 90 species of fish!
    This was a great dive considering that our other two locations in the north end of the county were scraped due to no visibility at those locations. The visibility on this site was better but still not great. The various concrete structures at this site seem to be holding up well and haven’t sunk into the sand. The bow of the boat appears to be filling with sediment but can still be entered. Several areas with coral seemed to have been silted over, but others were clear and ok.
    Team members saw a wide variety of fish on this dive, including a Goliath Grouper, a Green Moray Eel, an Atlantic Stingray, a Bluespotted Cornetfish, a Honeycomb Cowfish and a Smooth Trunkfish. Three lionfish were eradicated, but at least two others were spotted.