vh Dive Reports
Tri-county Reef – July 14, 2018

Water Temp: 82° F
Air Temp: 81° F
Max Depth: 62 ft.
Start Time: 8:53 am
Dive Duration: 53 minutes
Weather: Mostly sunny

Current: none
Visibility: Horiz. 60 ft.; Vert. 62 ft.
Seas: <1 ft.
Boat: Deep Obsession
Winds: NNW @ 5 mph
Lat/Long: 26°45.802/80°01.302

   The goal for this dive was to note the condition of the site, obtain fish counts and video benthics.
   Tri-County consists of about 6,500 tons of concrete light poles, drainage culverts, and other concrete deployed in 1989. It also includes, on the south end of the site, the remains of the steel yacht TSO Paradise that was scuttled in July of 1997.
   This site is an amazing habitat for sea life, both fish and benthics. It was noted that a diver could see over 14 different types of coral on a single piece of concrete, as well as more than 90 species of fish!
   On this dive we observed over 45 different species of corals, gorgonians, sponges, and other benthics. Over 50 species of fish were noted including a nurse shark, as well as a slowly swimming 40” female Loggerhead turtle.

Hard Corals: 3 Black corals, Blushing star, Mustard Hill, Brain, as well as the usual Fire coral. Many different varieties of Gorgonians, including Sea Rods, Wide Mesh Sea Fans, Deepwater Sea Fans.
Hydroids: Feather, Branching, and Algae Hydroid and Sponge Zoanthids
Sponges: Azure vase, Branching vase, Leather barrel and many other types of sponges covered the area.
Tunicates, Christmas Tree Worms, as well as various types of algae

Flagler Bridge #3– July 14, 2018

Water Temp.: 82° F
Air Temp.: 88° F
Max Depth: 56 ft.
Start Time: 10:46 am
Dive Duration: 30 minutes
Weather: Mostly sunny

Current: none
Visibility: Horiz. 40 ft.; Vert. 40 ft.
Seas: <1 ft.
Boat: Deep Obsession
Winds: NW @ 8 mph
Lat/Long: 26°45.491/80°01.501

   The goal for this dive was to map the site, note the condition of the site, obtain fish counts and video benthics.
   This site is made up of 800 tons of concrete from the old Flagler Bridge, deployed in 45’ of water on July 28th, 2016.
   There is a nice amount of growth on this site. The team observed that there was some sanding and silting on the site. Other than that, this is a great site. A goliath grouper was spotted as well as the usual suspects.

36 different inverts were recorded on this dive.
Hard Coral: The only hard corals noted were several colonies of Orange Cup Coral and Branching Fire coral.
Gorgonians: Red Polyp Octocoral, Grooved-Blade Sea Whip, Regal Sea Fan, Deepwater Sea Fan, White Telesto, and a beautiful example of Orange Telesto feeding.
Hydroids: Slender Feather, Branching, and Algae
Sponges: Branching Vase, Lumpy Overgrowing and various encrusting
Tunicates: Black and Strawberry
A barnacle, two arrow crabs, a spinney lobster as well as what we think is a rock boring urchin.


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