Cross Current Reef – October 3, 2015

Water Temp: 81° F
Max Depth: 63 ft.
Start Time: 8:57 pm
Dive Duration: 49 min.
Weather: Partly cloudy
Wind: 8-10 mph

Current: N @ ≤.25 kts
Visibility: Horiz. 25 ft.
Seas: 1 ft.
Boat: Abernethy's Deep Obsession
Lat/Long: 26°45.704/80°01.268

 The goal for this dive was to map the perimeter of the site, obtain fish counts and note the condition of the site.
    The site is made up of a 195’ barge with 6,500 tons of rock. The mapping team started out on the SW rock pile and did a counter-clockwise tour of the site, ending on the NE rock pile. This is a great site consisting of a lot of varying relief with plenty of spaces for fish to hide and benthics to attach to.
    Team members saw lots of Creole Wrasse and Trumpetfish. Some bleaching of hard corals were noted. Black Grouper, Green Moray Eel, Blue Dartfish and Cactus Coral were also seen. Seas were forecast to be 3-5 feet, but turned out to be only 1 foot during the dive.

Breakers Reef– October 3, 2015

Water Temp: 82° F
Max Depth: 64 ft.
Start Time: 10:54 pm
Dive Duration: 60 min.
Weather: Sunny
Wind: W @ 10-15 kts

Current: N @ ≤.25 kts
Visibility: Horiz. 45 ft.
Seas: 1-2 ft.
Boat: Abernethy's Deep Obsession

    The Breakers dive was a great dive for the Reef Team. During our surface interval before the dive, we saw three dolphins “playing” on the surface! During our dive on the Breakers, it was noted that turtles or something had been munching on the sponges. We also saw a Cherubfish, lots of large barrel sponges, a teeny tiny cow fish, a dozen small (under one inch) Blue Dartfishes, Sand Tile fish and a Spotted Moray Eel. The Glassy Sweepers were out swimming around in swarms, as well as tons of Grunts. We saw one of Larry Wood’s tagged Hawksbill turtles but couldn’t get close enough to see the number on the tag and a Loggerhead turtle that wanted to swim with Chuck. As always, this was a fantastic dive and was greatly enjoyed by all team members.


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