vh Dive Reports
RBM – June 16, 2018

Water Temp: 80° F
Air Temp: 80° F
Max Depth: 48 ft.
Start Time: 8:52 am
Dive Duration: 52 min.
Weather: Sunny

Current: N @ <.25 knot
Visibility: Horiz. 40 ft.; Vert. 40 ft.
Seas: <1 ft.
Boat: Deep Obsession
Winds: SE @ 3.5 mph
Lat/Long: 26°45.280/80°00.620

   The goal for this dive was to note the condition of the site, obtain fish counts and video benthics.
   This site is made up of materials from the old Riviera Beach Marina pilings and docks. It has been deployed in several stages beginning in 2011. Material from the Flagler Bridge demolition was placed near this site in January of 2016.
   Some low-profile material is getting sanded over, but other than that, not much change since our last dive.
   Some species of fish noted were Black Grouper, lots of juvenile fish of all species, Lionfish 1 eradicated but 4 were spotted.
   Sea frost was spotted on the material that we believe was already on the materiel from when it was part of the marina. Other benthics noted were brown strap algae, and blushing coral.

Ana Cecilia– June 16, 2018

Water Temp.: 78° F
Air Temp.: 83° F
Max Depth: 91 ft.
Start Time: 10:45 am
Dive Duration: 44 minutes
Weather: Sunny

Current: N @ 1.5 knots
Visibility: Horiz. 60 ft.; Vert. 60 ft.
Seas: <1 ft.
Boat: Deep Obsession
Winds: SE @ 3.5 mph
Lat/Long: 26°47.085/80°00.091

   The goal for this dive was to note the condition of the site, obtain fish counts and video benthics.
   The Ana Cecilia is a 629-ton freighter ship measuring 170ft. in length and 40ft wide built in 1972. In 2012 she delivered the first shipment of humanitarian goods to Cuba from Miami since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. On September 15th, 2015, federal agents at the Miami River seized 413 kilograms of cocaine hidden inside the ship after she returned from Haiti.
   She was scuttled on July 13th, 2016 and has many cargo areas that have been modified for diving. She is sitting upright in 85ft. of water just north of the Lake Worth Inlet. The top deck of this ship is in 60ft. with the highest structures reaching as high as 45ft. Two large anchors and chains lead you to this impressive-looking ship. She is located 60ft. east and 300ft. south before the beginning of the Corridor Wreck series, which includes the Mizpah, PC-1174, Amaryllis, China Barge, and the Brazilian Docks.
   On this dive, there was little to no current at the surface, but at about 40’ it picked up and on the wreck itself it was very strong which made it hard for the mapper to hold onto the flag. The team dropped in on the bow. It was 90’ to the sand where there was a lot of scour. The top of the pilot house railing is at 53’. Just behind the pilot house sits a mast at 56’. At the stern, the highest point is in 65’ of water and 85’ to the sand which has filled in around the rudder. The paint that was applied before the sinking is now pealing off it great chunks and sheets. The dive boat captain said that the ship has shifted slightly due to Hurricane Irma.
   Sea life has begun to be attracted to the site. Two sea urchins (Diadema) were spotted, a Green Moray Eel, and a Goliath Grouper. Several dozen different types of inverts were recorded on the wreck. Some of those were: Deep water sea fans, Slender feather hydroids, Branching hydroids, Algae hydroids, various sponges, lobsters, Sea frost, and algaes.
   It will be exciting to see this ship grow into a fabulous artificial reef.


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