vh Dive Reports
Genesis – June 23, 2018

Water Temp: 79° F
Air Temp: 83° F
Max Depth: 89 ft.
Start Time: 8:53 am
Dive Duration: 45 min.
Weather: Sunny

Current: N @ .25 knot
Visibility: Horiz. 70 ft.; Vert. 70 ft.
Seas: <1 ft. flat
Boat: Loggerhead
Winds: WNW @ 8 mph
Lat/Long: 26°28.664/80°02.389

   The goal for this dive was to note the condition of the site, obtain fish counts and video benthics.
   The reef consists of 2300 tons of concrete deployed September 21, 1989 in 90’ of water.
   This was an amazing dive as usual. The Team dropped in at the south end of the site and made their way to the north. With the light current, it was easy for divers to explore the entire reef. This site is always amazing with all of the various crevices and edifices to explore.
   The divemaster saw a Hammerhead Shark cruise past when he dropped in to retrieve the down line. Other fish noted were: Tobaccofish and Mutton Snapper.
   Three separate Black Coral specimens were spotted on this dive.

Becks– June 23, 2018

Water Temp.: 80° F
Air Temp.: 87° F
Max Depth: 83 ft.
Start Time: 10:36 am
Dive Duration: 30 minutes
Weather: Sunny

Current: N @ 3 knots
Visibility: Horiz. 70 ft.; Vert. 70 ft.
Seas: <1 ft. flat <1 ft. flat
Boat: Loggerhead
Winds: calm
Lat/Long: 26°28.862/80°02.347

   The goal for this dive was to note the condition of the site, obtain fish counts and video benthics.
   The MV Beck is a 165’ freighter that was deployed on October 22, 1996. The local dive community has nicknamed it “The Captain Tony” after Captain Tony Townsend who died in a tragic boating accident.
   In May 2013 it was noted that there were a lot of changes. The port and starboard hull plates had collapsed outward and the cross brace “bridge” amid ship had collapsed onto the floor of the holds. The forward hull plate on the starboard side was splayed outward from the centerline of the ship at about a 35-40 degree angle with the forward edge of the hull plate near the bow section of the wreck. Much of the flooring to the bridge area and the cabin below had fallen apart leaving a large cavern-like opening to the stern area below decks.
   On this dive, even more changes have occurred due to damage from Hurricane Irma. The bow of the ship has been completely ripped off and lies to the east. The midship has completely flattened into the sand. The stern has been rolled onto its starboard side and slightly to the west. The area of the ship that the mapper was able to get to is deteriorating greatly. The metal is cracked and rusting through in many places.
   Due to the strong current, divers were not able to make it to the bow section. Visibility was dropping and became a very murky 70’. The videographer was unable to get off of the down line to video benthics due to the strong current.
   Fish counters noted 2 Goliath Groupers, a Cherubfish and Blue Dartfish. Feather Black Coral was spotted as well as Orange Cup Coral.


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