Fish Surveying Specialty
An important task of Palm Beach County Reef Research Team Inc. (PBCRRT) is to conduct fish counts on the County’s artificial and natural reefs. Fish counts are conducted on each dive, using two basic counting methodologies. To be qualified to conduct a fish count, a diver must pass the Team’s fish identification test annually.

Members can study for the fish ID test by –
• Studying Reef Fish Identification* by Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach, which has all the species on the PBCRRT Master Fish List and hundreds more
• Attending a 6-7 hour class presented by the Fish Leader, where memory aids are taught. Photos and videos are shown, and Team members provide anecdotal tips. This is FREE but PRICELESS!

Fish Counters will learn the following skills:
• Identify fish commonly found on Palm Beach County
reefs including family and species
• Find the ID station on the site and get set up to count
• Estimate and enter fish counts and sizes on the underwater data sheet
• Notate sightings of sea turtles including species
and activities
• Report sightings of exotic species such as Lionfish
• Submit the fish data to REEF for their rove
counting method

Fish, Coral and Creature ID books by Paul Humann and Ned Deloach can be purchased at the general Team meetings. Click the book for more information.

Book photo