Types of Training
Training, an essential part of PBCRRT, goes on almost continuously. We have five specialties in use on most dives.

We will train you in the following areas:
• Fish identification and fish counting methodology
• Invertebrate identification and reef assessment
• Mapping and underwater surveying techniques
• Underwater photography for reef monitoring
• Videography for reef monitoring
• Data management and report generation

Classroom and in-water training are available for each specialty. The Research Diver Orientation course, designed to get new members trained in our basic operations, is offered as needed. More intensive training for the Fish Surveying Specialty is offered annually.

In-Water Training
In-water training is conducted at the Blue Heron Bridge during the new member Orientation and during most regular PBCRRT dives for the final portions of the various specialties. In-water training is done under the tutelage of an experience member, and leads to the final sign off of the specialty.

Skill Level
We do not train dive skills. Members must be certified to the Advanced Open Water level. They are expected to be competent divers – comfortable with their equipment, with good buoyancy skills and capable of following navigation instructions and using a compass and underwater landmarks to find their assigned work location.